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名师教你这样回答“how are you”

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  In the first place, 我的工作方面怎么不好。
  In the second place, 我的学习方面怎么不好。
  In the last place, 我的生活方面怎么不好。
  In the first place, 我的工作方面怎么不好。For example, 工资方面如何如何;another example is that 工作环境方面如何如何;further facts can be found in 职业前景;
  In the second place, 我的学习方面怎么不好。For instance, 外语学习如何如何;Also, 计算机技能学习得如何;In addition, 有没有在学开灰机;
  In the last place, 我的生活方面怎么不好。In fact, 我的物质生活有没有变差; besides, 我的精神是否空虚; Furthermore, 我的感情生活如如何。
  Well, it seems a little bit difficult to satisfy your appetite toward my current situation, but I would seek to clarify it in the following aspects.
  In the fisrt place, I'll tell you about my current job. For example, having served here for two and a half year, I gain no chance to be paid more, even slightly more. Another example is that my company rent a new building a couple of weeks ago, and we find it less comfortable for the noisy area where it locates and the level of consumption we have now to face. Further facts can be found in the overall career prospect: I feel that I would be the last to secure promotion.
  In the second place, things about my study are as follows. For instance, I stop learning Japanese for about a month due to the common raised concern that Japan might lose its priority in every aspect after the devastating earthquake. Also, it is upset to find that I still cannot locate the right key of a typical keyboard in a second. In addition, my coach on car-driving is always against me since I haven't bribed him as have other green hands.
  In the last place, my personal life sees no apparent improvement since you saw me the last time. In fact, as the result of the soaring commodity price as well as the standstill of my monthly income, I spend less as usual in order to save pennies for rainy days. Besides, I have to say that nothing but earning more money is within my concern, to enrich the spiritual life given no less and less consideration. Furthermore, you know that I just came out of the frying pan into the fire, since no sooner did a frenzy young widow quench the desire of following me than a trendy teenager shows a crush on me.

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